Half Leaf Filigree Diamond Ring - Marquise

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Half Leaf Filigree Diamond Ring - Marquise


A lovely hand fabricated 14 karat yellow gold filigree ring with a one carat Marquise shaped rose cut Diamond.

This gorgeous ring features my signature hand worked filigree band in the half leaf variation.

solid 14k gold and a Marquise rose cut Diamond with beautiful sparkle and depth.
Diamond is approx. 9.75 mm x 4.75 mm x 2.5 mm,  1 carat (always ethically sourced and eco-friendly)
This Diamond is really lovely! A light silver/gray color with some small flecks of orange and dark red.  Truly one of a kind!

Finish: soft polish

Size 6.

Your ring will come in a natural linen ring box.

Handmade with love in the circle city.
Ready to ship.

A portion of the proceeds from this purchase will be donated to Animal Shelters/Rescue Groups in the Midwest to benefit animal welfare.

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