Delicate. Feminine. Refined.  Jewelry to complement your natural beauty.

The Artist

Hi, I'm Katie Carder, the designer, maker and founder of Katie Carder Fine Jewelry.  I'm inspired by shapes and patterns found in the natural world and I can often be found walking my dog on a sunny day with my sketchbook and camera in hand collecting botanical specimens and inspiration for my work.  I emulate, alter, simplify and repeat the shapes that I find in nature and create original works of wearable art.

My passion for jewelry design began in my high school art classes and followed me through college where I attended Indiana University.  After graduating in 2006 with my BA in Art History and BFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design I launched Moira K. Lime Jewelry.

Heirloom Quality Craftsmanship

Jewelry made to last for generations.  Heirlooms are "valued possessions passed down in a family through succeeding generations."  I create heirloom quality jewelry that will last.  Jewelry that can be passed on from one generation to the next.  Jewelry that will tell a story.  Jewelry that holds history.  Jewelry that embodies love, family, traditions and remembrance.

Handmade With Love

Why support handmade?  There are too many reasons to count! When you choose handmade from Katie Carder Fine Jewelry you are choosing...

  • Jewelry that I create with my own two hands in the USA.

  • Quality work with craftsmanship that I stand behind.

  • Great customer service with a personal experience.

  • Unique, original designs that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Jewelry that was thoughtfully made with love, care and passion.

A Great Cause

Feel good about wearing your Katie Carder original!  Each year a portion of the company's proceeds is donated to animal shelters and rescue groups in the Midwest.  Thank you so much for your help in supporting a great cause!  In the last three years we have donated more than $2,000 to animals in need.

Casa Del Toro Pitbull Rescue         One Tail At A Time Rescue

PAWS Chicago              FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic


Hand Curated & Restored Estate & Vintage

My passion for sparkly, history-filled treasures began at an early age with visits to my uncle's house.  He was an antiques dealer and always had an array of old treasures and jewels to admire.  I was allowed to carefully try on and inspect all the jewelry in his display cases and each year he let me pick out a ring to wear and cherish for 12 months.  On my birthday I got to trade up for a bigger and better ring.  My appreciation for well designed, well crafted, beautiful objects was instilled...there was no turning back.    


Each piece of jewelry in this collection is hand selected for uniqueness, quality and history.  Many of the pieces I find are in disrepair, missing gemstones and on their way to be melted down for scrap.  I enjoy saving these pieces of history, restoring them to their original beauty and giving them a chance to start a new chapter with you.

In The Studio

Most days of the week I can be found working in my Indianapolis studio, usually accompanied by my two pitty pups.  It's somewhere that I love to be!  A place to create, be inspired and make beautiful, meaningful objects for you!

I use many traditional metalsmithing techniques in my work and spend most of my time sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, hammering and making bezels and tiny prong settings.