"Thank you so much for the time, energy and attention you put into making our wedding rings.  We have been wearing them for a week and love them.  It was extra special that we were able to meet you in person and we feel like we got exactly what we were hoping for.  Your passion is obvious and we know you will continue to be very successful.  Thanks again for everything."

Aaron and Amy





"Katie's work is absolutely stunning, and she is a pleasure to work with. Katie and my fiance designed my engagement ring, a restored vintage band with a beautiful new diamond. 

She has also designed, in no particular order: a custom mixed metals wedding band set, a custom brooch for my mom, a custom necklace for my fiance's mom, necklaces for my three bridesmaids, and a pair of sapphire drop earrings for me. 

It's so lovely to have all of our wedding jewelry made with such care and attention. It's also very special to know that all of the pieces we've received, and all the pieces that we've given as gifts, were made to order. Whenever I wear something made by Katie, I always receive compliments. The moms and bridesmaids have loved the gifts we've given them -- admittedly, there's a lot of bias there, but I'm solidly convinced that they'd appreciate the gifts even if they weren't given in the context of a wedding!

If you're looking for a special piece of jewelry, talk to Katie. She'll work together with you whether you need something for yourself, something to propose with, or something for anyone in your life who appreciates unique and beautiful jewelry. "

Becky and Brendan



"My husband and I married this year, and even (over!) a year before purchasing my wedding band from you, I knew it was the one for me. Having been able to wear it for the past seven months has absolutely proven me right- this ring is stunning. It has held up to my concrete work counters (I'm a barista by trade) and gotten so many compliments. Every time- like this afternoon- that your designs pop up on my feed, I'm reminded of how lovely your items are. 
I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful design again. I absolutely adore this piece, and it is going to mean so much to me for the rest of my life." 

Callie L.







"I'm in love with this ring! Another beauty! Fantastic quality, fast shipping, great customer service, I'm a repeat customer and will continue to be, love the jewelry dish too!"

Abby J.






“When we got engaged I was completely shocked not only by Christina asking me to marry her but by my beautiful ring!  Christina and Katie had worked together to design a customized ring that included the birthstone of our baby with her beautiful filigree band and a black diamond. I was only going to wear one ring, but it was so special that I couldn’t wait for Katie to make a wedding band for me as well. I explained basically what I wanted, and Katie did a perfect job of taking it from there and creating a band that went so well with the engagement ring. It was exactly what I had pictured, and she is very easy to work with and makes the whole experience so enjoyable. I love that my rings were created with love and made just for me!  Thank you!”