Big Changes and Big News

It's been a little while since I've shared on this space...and there have been many big changes in my life.

The biggest being a move from Chicago to Indianapolis.

I've been focusing more on myself and figuring out what makes me happy and inspired.  I've started running every day again, practicing yoga in the morning to stretch and balance and I've continued to be conscious about what I put in my body.  I've also been out in the woods hiking with my pooch more times than I can count and I'm taking a water color class on pet portraits :)

I'm getting back to my Indiana roots and remembering the active outdoorsy girl that was stifled in the city.

I'm taking a little more time away from my bench to have fun with family and friends.

And I think being a Hoosier once again will be good for my soul and my creative being.

I also have some really big news to share...I'm headed to China, Vietnam and Thailand for two weeks at the end of June!  My studio will be closed while I'm away so if you have been thinking about an engagement ring, wedding bands or something custom please get in touch with me soon.

I have lots of other bits and bobs to share but I'll save  some for later.  In the meantime, check out some of the new things I've been making.

And some of the estate pieces I've found and fixed up.