The reason why I love jewelry, make jewelry and collect and re-store estate jewelry

I love this picture of my Mom and my Grandma, Norma Louise! My Grandma had quite the collection of jewelry, fine and costume and she would let me play dress up and deck myself out in her fashionable clothes and jewels.

I remember going through all of her jewelry boxes when I was little. I would organize them and make sure to touch every single earring, necklace and ring and think how beautiful everything was.

I inherited lots of lovely pieces from my Grandma that mean a lot to me and I credit her and my Uncle for my love of jewelry and all things sparkly.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some of my favorite pieces from my personal collection.

First up, this awesome and totally unique Diamond statement ring. This is by far my favorite and a total show stopper! I'm pretty sure my Grandma had this one custom made for her by her jeweler in Florida.



I've found some great pieces on my latest treasure hunts.  The rings pictured below are all fixed up and like new again and for sale in my shop.